Monitor your email deliverability in real-time
Inbox Rate tells you where exactly your email campaigns are landing.
Get inbox placement insights for each major mailbox provider
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See if your messages made it to your subscribers’ inbox
Having the best email content and marketing tools won't bring results unless your messages are delivered. Inbox Rate live deliverability monitoring allows you to see if your messages reach to your subscribers’ inbox or spam folder.
Leverage dedicated mailboxes for your brand for accurate deliverability signals
Inbox Rate monitors your deliverability using dedicated mailboxes for your website. You won't be sharing seed mailboxes with other companies. All deliverability signals are unique for your brand which increases the accuracy of the reports.3
Treat your subscribers with the best strategies based on their activity level
Some email subscribers prefer checking your content time to time while other are very much engaged with your messages. Inbox Rate has built-in audience groups for all subscriber types like active, engaged, inactive. Check out email deliverability for each segment and adjust your email content accordingly. 
Keep an eye on your deliverability with daily reports and comprehensive dashboard
Check your inbox deliverability on Inbox Rate dashboard with email data grouped by mailbox providers, email campaigns, sender IPs or domains. Receive daily customizable reports to your inbox to stay on top of your email revenues and avoid deliverability pitfalls.
Ready to stay on top of your email deliverability?
Want to deep dive in email deliverability?
Inbox Rate provides all necessary information to maintain your deliverability in a good fit. Here is a list of popular features.
Inbox placement rate for each major ISP
Inbox placement rate for each major ISP
Get comprehensive reports on email deliverability for each major mailbox provider.
Email deliverability analysis per sending IP and domains
Email deliverability analysis per sending IP and domains
Monitor performance of your sending IPs and domains to proactively avoid reputation issues.