Real-time email deliverability insights for your email marketing program and business needs
Discover how Inbox Rate works and get the best out of your email campaigns
Easy and fast configuration
Getting started with Inbox Rate is easier than you may think. All we need for the configuration is the website URL for your web form where you acquire subscribers and your sending domain. Once you complete the initial steps for your account activation, you are good to go.
Dedicated email seeds unique for your brand
Based on your business needs, you will have the right number of dedicated seeds which will be subscribed to your web forms. You can send your email campaigns from Inbox Suite or any other email marketing platform and your dedicated seeds will feed your Inbox Rate dashboard with deliverability metrics.
Email metrics for proactive deliverability management
Track your email deliverability with all necessary email metrics including sending domain/IP performance, deliverability per mailbox provider, subject line, from name and more. See in real-time if your messages are landing in spam or inbox folder, even which tab in Gmail.
Deliverability insights based on activity level of your subscribers
Use predefined audiences defined by activity level in Inbox Rate. See how your emails behave for the subscribers who are “active”, “engaged” or “inactive”. Customize your own audiences based on your activity definitions. Moreover, analyze email deliverability insights with content type and campaign ID to adjust your content for each subscriber segment.
How does Inbox Rate configuration look like?
Choose the Inbox Rate plan which suits your business needs and sign up.
Provide your website URL for your webs form and your sending domain. Inbox Rate dedicated seeds will be subscribed to your list. Within 24 hours, you can monitor email deliverability on your Inbox Rate dashboard.
Customize your reports and get daily email deliverability notifications based on your needs.